In The Loop
In The Loop
In The Loop is a start-up, I founded, based out of Richmond, Virginia with the mission to make it easier for new artists and producers to share content and collaborate.


The circles of content creators my team and I have created use the discord channels and app to find other music-minded individuals to work together and share samples of their work. We encourage people to give constructive criticism, critique, and feedback so that everyone as a group can develop their music skills while also staying "in the loop" with each other's musical careers.
My team and I maintain a blog for In The Loop which contains content about the company, music production, and engineer (mobile app dev, web dev, audio dev).
The current goal is to complete the mobile app for In The Loop which'll combine features from social media apps to enable better connections between artists and producers as well as features from audio streaming apps like SoundCloud to protect the work of people.

App Demo Video